Signs of LifeThis book. Wow. I really enjoyed looking at all the research presented here. But before I say more, I have to say thanks to my friend Denise for sharing this book with me. I can't say enough good stuff about Denise. She is an amazing mother who once strangled a rabid raccoon in order to save her friend's child's life. No seriously. Read this and then watch this. I love this lady!

Anyway. Back to the book. Find it. Buy it. Send the author's family a donation because she probably didn't make enough money for such great work. Check out her webpage and her other work and her TEDx talk and then honor her somehow...






And if you are just wanting the cliff notes version... 

Notice the five main signs of life and write them down in your personal order of preference: Circle, Square, Triangle, Cross, and Spiral.

Then look at the order you made and focus on the first, third, and fifth positions. These are the most important to you right now. Play with these the most in embellishing your Adoption Mandala. Use these to make your own personal logo and to work through this current phase of your life. Do this exercise again in the future whenever you feel you may like a little insight into your own unconscious. 

Ok. Here's what is in her book -

Position 1 = Where You Think You Are

Position 2 = Where You Actually Are

Position 3 = Where You Want to Be

Position 4 = What You’ve Learned

Position 5 = Unresolved Issues

And these very basic words will help you look at what all this is telling you...

Circle = Wholeness

Square = Stability

Triangle = Visions and Dreams

Cross = Relationship

Spiral = Growth