Thank You Notes8 April, 2015
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Please help me send Thank you notes! Here's the list:

You are welcome to use the state system where you can choose to send a note to a whole committee or an individual.

Or you can send paper notes using one of the addresses listed on a Senator or Representative's personal page that links from either below or the state roster page:



Governor Bullock

Our Primary Sponsor, an amazing lady, Rep. Kimberly Dudik, (D) - Missoula

Our 2nd House Carrier, also an amazing lady, Sen. Mary McNally, (D) - Billings

Our primary opponents in 2013 who supported us this time:
Rep. Wagoner, Kirk (R) - Montana City and Rep. Gordon Pierson (D) - Helena


Our Bill Drafter: Research Analyst, Sue O'Connell Room 110, State Capitol, PO Box 201706, Helena, MT 59620-1706 (406)444-3597


Our Sponsors from the 2013 effort Rep. Hill, Ellie Boldman (D) - Missoula and Sen. Tom Facey (D) - Missoula



The House Judiciary Committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee

Have you seen the nice article from First [Birth] Mother Forum?

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"Apart from slavery there is no other instance in our laws, or in any other jurisprudence in civilized system of jurisprudence, in which a contract made among adults, in respect of an infant, can bind that child once he reaches his majority."
- Cyril Means on US adoption laws



What's in a Name? - Some of my story and why I'd like to change this law. Be sure to scroll down to read the article and hey - why not sign up for Wild Hare Photos e-Zine?