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OBC Request Form (doc)

Petition to Open Sealed File (doc)

Authorization from the Court(docx)

Hi All! Here it is straight from the Vital Statistics Office - please share the link to this page for this explanation and these forms:

Hello Beth,

An Adoptee can access their original birth certificate with the attached application. Please have everyone fill it out with their adoptive information (exactly as it is on the current birth record) and send it in with the $25.00 fee which includes 1 copy of the original birth certificate (with additional copies being $5.00 at this time) and a copy of picture ID. We will then go down to retrieve the file, they are housed off site and we go down weekly.

To retrieve anything other than the original birth certificate takes a certified Court Order; a certified Court Order will also be necessary for anyone other than the adoptee to access the sealed file. Court Orders must contain all of the Adoptee's information as well as direction for Montana Vital Records to open the file and release either (must be specified) the original birth record or everything contained within the file and to whom we are to release the documents. It will be necessary for the recipient of the documents to send in the fee and picture ID. I have attached a Petition and an Order to help the Petitioner get started with the Court.

Our sealed file will contain a Certificate of Adoption, original birth certificate and Decree of Adoption but we will not have any medical history. That information is in the sealed file held at the Court; to access the Court file the Adoptee will need to call the Clerk of Court in the County that their adoption was processed.

We can also issue the Certificate of Adoption from the file with an application, fee and ID. We will remove all of the identifying pre- adoptive information but it will contain the Court, County and date of occurrence. This will be helpful if an Adoptee does not know which Court processed the adoption.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me and we will do everything we can to answer them.

Thank you,

Lisa Spencer
Montana Vital Records
PO Box 4210
Helena Mt 59604
(406) 444-4226
(406) 444-1803 fax

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