Signing Ceremony9 April, 2015
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Have you read the Bill Summary  yet?

We had our signing ceremony!

HB397 Becomes a Law


Penelope Needham, Beth Jaffe, Bob Jaffe, Representative Kimberly Dudik, and Governor Steve Bullock celebrate.

HB397 is a new MT law that goes into effect 10/1/2015. 

HB397 - Revise adoption laws related to 
release of birth certificates to adoptees



And I went in to that office wearing my fancy yoga pants (google "yoga pants banned in MT") and my cowgirl boots.



Inside the copper top 

Afterward we toured the building a bit and found that the inside of the black copper top capitol is an amazing mandala!

And the House Representatives have uncomfortable chairs that must be enhanced with animal skins. Notice this first one - it is a pig on a desk and skins on chairs.

pig on a desk with skins on chairs

 uncomfortable chairs

And outside we found the best memorial for a photo op with Peter Franklin's Americans Without Liberty T-Shirt!

in the line of dutyAWOL in MTin the line of dutyin the line of duty in the line of duty2

Ok. We got a little carried away with that one. But, here's more from the room where I changed the tide for MT in 2013 and then cemented the deal in 2015, the Senate Judiciary Committee room, the old State Supreme Court room. We couldn't get a shot of the "Heads of State" but, yes, there were dead critter heads hung on a wall in an adjoining office that has windows into this room. I believe one was a nice specimen of a mountain goat and the other, an antelope.


Old Supreme Court RoomOld MT Supreme Court RoomBig Hugs Bear

This is the Big Hugs Bear for those of you needing Big Hugs from the Big Sky. I will never forget those who were with me in spirit on my journey and those who found graves after their own journey to find their families. May we pass these laws across the nation so that nobody ever has to suffer this kind of fate again.

Still more to come soon!  To the HB397 Blog