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Why do I use this term - birthparent?

I think it is more likely that Google will direct people to this page if I use this term than if I used another term.

Also. I’ve had the benefit of years of good therapy and I am not personally bothered by this subject.

Additionally I want to mention that a birthmother invented this term so that we could name our experience as something unique and dignified as opposed to the original terms for women who surrendered their children to adoption. If you haven't already - check out the real story...

YouTube Video!

Don't take the term birthparent in vain. 

Perhaps you too can enjoy taking this term back from the naughty people in the Adoption Industry and make this a dignified term once again.



NEVER EVER call an expectant parent a birthparent. That is very bad form. (unless of course they are both and that can be confusing so just be thoughtful ok?)



Dr Seuss

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