Our Law Goes Live - 2 Day Count Down29 September, 2015
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Here's a picture of what it will look like when you to the website - It tells you all I know right now. Please keep me in the loop so I can bring feedback to the state and help improve the process!!!Adoption MT OBC Access


Yes, it is true. I helped changed this law and took some heat for it and then promptly gave up the ghost. I just didn't have it in me to keep explaining and working for this when the adoption community was just being plain old mean and nasty. This law didn't live up to the standards of some perfectionists. Not really sorry, but annoyed at the monkeys who throw poo.

With one person here and this little blog, I did ok. And I'm still plugging along, just very slowly and under the radar again. I made more headway without any help from the adoption world than I did with adoption world. So. That is a tough thing to digest people. I've been digesting.

My latest bit of work - making sure the law will actually be in effect and people will be able to get their OBCs... I'm slow and steady - but really stuck in a waiting game. We are trying to get a good statement from the Attorney General's office that will clarify some of our questions and ensure consistency across the state counties. Please be patient and thoughtful when dealing with state employees. Not all of them understand adoption issues. In fact, I doubt any have fully educated and supportive points of view. So be nice and help them help you.

Have you seen the nice article from First [Birth] Mother Forum?

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"Apart from slavery there is no other instance in our laws, or in any other jurisprudence in civilized system of jurisprudence, in which a contract made among adults, in respect of an infant, can bind that child once he reaches his majority."
- Cyril Means on US adoption laws



What's in a Name? - Some of my story and why I'd like to change this law. Be sure to scroll down to read the article and hey - why not sign up for Wild Hare Photos e-Zine?