One Small Voice9 May, 2016
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One Small Voice

I have many voices. The one that I didn't hear was a small voice. It knew the truth without any information. But the rest of the voices in my head needed proof and numbers and the strength of authority to hear the wild insane truth that one small voice spoke. I guess there are people out there calling this Informed Consent concept another play by the evil adoption empire. I can see that and I appreciate the fear of being duped again. I was indeed duped out of my baby. In retrospect, all signs pointed to the quiet small voice of truth. But I was too deaf to hear.  I have more to say and yet my one small voice has asked me to wait a little while longer. So this is a short post reminding all who read it that the one small voice inside may be too quiet to hear. Listen harder and deeper and know your heart will forgive you for not being able to hear. But that won't make the pain any easier. The pain and grief of losing a baby to adoption is a forever thing. It doesn't go away, we just learn to live with it.

Try this for Grade School
(K-12) Students:

Alternate Family Tree Project

It's Adoption Friendly!


Use your printer and your favorite 8.5 x 11 paper

Or Copy the files and use them at your favorite copy shop to make bigger poster size versions.

Four 4 inch Mandalas


One 8 inch Mandala


Or email me and I'll give you directions for making really really big ones. Also, you can take these files and get wild with a fun program like photoshop or (which is different from Paint).


Print it.

Color it in.

And make it your own.

Then share  it!


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