Adoption Fans

a little background first:

Adoption is officially when a child is permenantly separated from their parent or parents and another parent or set of parents takes the place of the first parents. Adoption fans, I want to love you. But you scare me. Have you really come to terms with the big picture? Do you know that adoption causes trauma to the child and the birthparents? Are you ok with that?  Do you embrace the birthparents in your life? Honestly. I agree. Yes. Some children are orphans and they need permenant homes and stablity and love.

But. This is true more in the foster care world. Infant adoption and International adoption are often the result of the corruption fueled by the money potential adoptive parents are willing pay to have a fresh infant to call their own.

This is hard for adoption fans to accept, but it must be acknowledeged in order to have a healthy life. Adoption has lifelong and generational consequences. In order to not cause more harm than good, adoption trauma has to be acknowledged, understood, and addressed. Are you buying a baby or essentially kidnapping one? Make sure you are aware and thoughtful.

If you are indeed thoughtful and you just have to have a baby, not a foster child, then be sure to be smart about avoiding adoption fraud. My friend and adoptive mother, Lynne Banks, has great information about that important subject!

Black and White

Try this for Grade School
(K-12) Students:

Alternate Family Tree Project

It's Adoption Friendly!


Use your printer and your favorite 8.5 x 11 paper

Or Copy the files and use them at your favorite copy shop to make bigger poster size versions.

Four 4 inch Mandalas


One 8 inch Mandala


Or email me and I'll give you directions for making really really big ones. Also, you can take these files and get wild with a fun program like photoshop or (which is different from Paint).


Print it.

Color it in.

And make it your own.

Then share  it!


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