How to get OBCs in MT29 September, 2015
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Want to get your MT OBC?

Use this MT GOV resource 


( this is the same link as my pretty web button: ) 

OR USE THIS CONTACT PAGE and find the Adoption/Correction Team Leader!!

Here's a picture of what it will look like when you to the website - It tells you all I know right now. Please keep me in the loop so I can bring feedback to the state and help improve the process!!!Adoption MT OBC Access


We are trying to get a good statement from the Attorney General's office that will clarify some of our questions and ensure consistency across the state counties. Please be patient and thoughtful when dealing with state employees. Not all of them understand adoption issues. So be nice and help them help you and ultimately this will help all of us. 

And send me an email to tell me how it is going!! I want to document the good as well as the bad and ugly things. 



Remember - If your adoption was completed/filed after 9/30/97 you can apply for your OBC at 18 years of age. In few and rare cases, some may run into a sealed file due to a form unwed mothers were allowed to sign. If this happens - PLEASE send me an email!

If your adoption was completed/filed before 10/1/97 you can apply for OBC without worry that a birthmother sealed the file. No redactions or blackened out information for you. BUT you have to be 30 years old. Sorry. That is the best we could do given the circumstances. Better than nothing until we get this sorted out next session. AND if you'd like - you can apply for a court order - some judges actually support truth and reconciliation! So don't be shy. Your OBC is yours. Be bold and go for it! Get your Chapter 1! 


If you are a birthmother and you signed forms on or after 10/1/97 that you don't remember or understand - please be sure to write a letter stating that you want the files accessible to the adult you relinquished as a baby or child so many years ago. Send this letter to the state Vital Statistics office - address below. I encourage you to do this and to be open to the unknown. If you feel you can't, please consider getting help dealing with whatever it is that is getting in your way of living a life of truth and reconciliation. CUB is a good resource!

Office of Vital Records
Department of Public Health and Human Services
111 N Sanders Rm 6
PO BOX 4210
Helena MT 59604

Have you seen the nice article from First [Birth] Mother Forum?

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"Apart from slavery there is no other instance in our laws, or in any other jurisprudence in civilized system of jurisprudence, in which a contract made among adults, in respect of an infant, can bind that child once he reaches his majority."
- Cyril Means on US adoption laws



What's in a Name? - Some of my story and why I'd like to change this law. Be sure to scroll down to read the article and hey - why not sign up for Wild Hare Photos e-Zine?