This two part workshop was a great blend of people talking and people working and I am in love with the final community Mandala we made. With the help of an adoptee friend, Morgan, we put that thing on parade. More mentioned on this next to the photo at the bottom of the moderates page. If you didn't know already, I consider myself a moderate in moderation. 

Try this for Grade School
(K-12) Students:

Alternate Family Tree Project

It's Adoption Friendly!


Use your printer and your favorite 8.5 x 11 paper

Or Copy the files and use them at your favorite copy shop to make bigger poster size versions.

Four 4 inch Mandalas


One 8 inch Mandala


Or email me and I'll give you directions for making really really big ones. Also, you can take these files and get wild with a fun program like photoshop or (which is different from Paint).


Print it.

Color it in.

And make it your own.

Then share  it!


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