The Launch

AAC Conference 2014

I launched the Adoption Mandala as part of the AAC adoption conference in San Fransisco Spring 2014. Lots of fun and terrific feedback. We had many contriubtors and created a wonderful decoration for the very fun dance Saturday night.

Workshop 201

If you'd like a video of the slides from Workshop 201 -The Adoption Mandala- or you'd like me to present this workshop at your adoption conference or for your group of any kind send me an email... Every Workshop and Presentation will be unique because I am an artist. 

Out of the Fog:

A Bridge for Change Art Exhibition was presented at the 2014 AAC conference in San Francisco.

Exhibition Catalog:

Pictures of the art and artist statements are in available in soft cover, hardcover, and free ebook versions. Link Now

After We Made the First Ever Community Adoption Mandala...

Adoption Mandala on a Mountain

I folded it up and stuffed it into my suitcase, flew back to Montana,unpacked it, took it to my favorite place in the world, - on top of a Missoula Area ridge - and duck-taped it some big sticks.

Then I let the kids play with it because they decided it was like their "gigantic barriletes" from Spanish Immersion class. We didn't have kite string (and honestly those sticks were pretty heavy) so, they made it into a hang glider and tried to fly off the ridge... 

Then I took it off the sticks and crumpled it up and placed it on the fire.

Adoption Mandala SmushedAdoption Mandala Burning 1Adoption Mandala Burning 2Adoption Mandala Burning 3Adoption Mandala Burning 4

The picture below is from an article that sums up why I burned the first large Adoption Mandala community project. It wasn't mean to last...

saw it on facebook

Try this for Grade School
(K-12) Students:

Alternate Family Tree Project

It's Adoption Friendly!


Use your printer and your favorite 8.5 x 11 paper

Or Copy the files and use them at your favorite copy shop to make bigger poster size versions.

Four 4 inch Mandalas


One 8 inch Mandala


Or email me and I'll give you directions for making really really big ones. Also, you can take these files and get wild with a fun program like photoshop or (which is different from Paint).


Print it.

Color it in.

And make it your own.

Then share  it!


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