AAC Issues - A Sinking Ship9 June, 2016
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AAC Issues

I'm posting this as I recieved it and I think it is relevant for anyone who wanted to be part of AAC, but left or held off joining for whatever reason. So go ahead and share this one! And I think if you wanted to be a member, but didn't join, you can probably sign the petition too. Just state your relationship to AAC and why you are signing the petition.

I signed the petition below.

I'm a former member of AAC. I was removed from my AAC Montana State Representative position for repeatedly asking for better transparency regarding the dismissal of former AAC President, Western States Regional Director, and Conference Chair Donnie Davis. Additionally at the time, I shared my grievance over the lack of an open election process and general lack of friendliness of the leadership.

on a personal note - this would have been an easier petition to sign had these primary members mentioned in the petition been more supportive of me when I was removed from my position. Rather, they were in charge and operating the same as this current controversial board. Among others, I was treated badly for similar circumstances as these same people mentioned in this petition. It is difficult to come together when those of us from the past go forgotten.

~Beth Jaffe,
Founder and Leader of OBC in MT and Adoption Mandala
former AAC Montana State Rep., former AAC Art Committee Chair, former CUB Communicator Editor


Dear Fellow Members of the American Adoption Congress:

Several AAC members, including past presidents Eileen McQuade, Pam Kroskie and Carolyn Hoard, have been notified by an attorney hired by the AAC that the Board will vote to terminate their membership in the organization on June 12. The certified letters these members received contain no opportunity for them to respond or be heard before this vote.

Presumably the Board is taking this action because of requests by these specific members for over a year that, in accordance with its bylaws, the AAC hold valid elections. When all communications in this regard went unanswered by the current Board, complaints were filed this Spring with the Missouri Attorney General. Missouri is the site for registering such complaints because it is the State where the AAC was incorporated. Consumer complaints must be filed there.

Many of the members being terminated have dedicated years of their lives to the AAC, and only seek that the organization continue to adhere to its mission and bylaws. In brief:

Eileen McQuade has been affiliated with the AAC for 18 years, served as its treasurer, president, conference chair, and has been awarded the President’s Award twice for her service.

Carolyn Hoard, a member for two decades, has been AAC’s president, secretary, membership chair, legislative chair, and received the President’s Award, the Emma Vilardi Humanitarian Award, and is an Angel in Adoption.

Pam Kroskie, former president, vice president, and regional director, an AAC member since 2008, is an Angel in Adoption, and recently spearheaded the effort that provided access to records in Indiana.

The additional members who have been terminated are devastated – and upset. Some are relatively new to the AAC. All have simply taken action after their questions about bylaws were met with silence – or scorn – from the Board.

Despite this legal action by the current Board and their attorney, all of us as the membership of the AAC not only have the power to raise our voices in protest to protect the future of the American Adoption Congress – we have the obligation to do so. Collectively we recommend:

· A vote of no confidence in the current Board of Directors of the AAC.

· Require that any amendment to the current AAC Bylaws explicitly mandate regular, open and transparent member elections of the Board of Directors, and that such member elections occur every two years.

· Expect transparency of information for the membership, including rosters of members (with an opt out for anyone who doesn’t want their information shared), and a clear agenda regarding the direction of the organization which adheres to the AAC’s long standing mission of adoption reform.

· A requirement that each member of the Board stand for re-election by the membership at the expiration of each three-year term.

This action of termination by the current Board is unprecedented, divisive – and hurtful. Please join with other members, both old and new, to support those who have simply sought fairness and transparency, and who have helped the organization in so many ways over the years. Together, we can stand up for the AAC that so many of us have known and benefited from, and bring the organization back into alignment with the values it has always held.

We urge you to show your support by adding your name to the attached Petition no later than noon, EDT, this Saturday, June 11th, so it can be relayed to the Board, the attorney representing the Board, and the Attorney General of Missouri before the Board votes on Sunday June 12, 2016.

To add your name to the petition, simply send:

your full name

email address

and cite whether you are a current or former member of the AAC to:

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AAC Issues - A Sinking Ship

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